NCR Hosted Solutions enables you to connect with customers and drive revenue, manage and control business operations, improving the bottom line with enhanced mobility.

NCR’s Hosted Solutions are a suite of individual cloud based software modules that are managed in NCR’s secure server environment. Effectively you can engage with your customers and manage your operation in Real Time, from Anywhere at Anytime.

You put your heart, soul and time into your operation. That means caring for customers, staff, product, facilities, and of course, yourself. Our Hosted Solutions, like online ordering, fraud prevention, and restaurant loyalty programs, are centered around the Aloha POS system, and can help you deliver better customer experiences that increase loyalty, run a more efficient business and increase your bottom line. Hosted Solutions are specifically designed to create happier customers, by giving them more options for how they interact with your business—whether they’re standing at your counter or sitting at home.

Hosted Solutions:

  • Real Time Data – NCR Pulse Platform – get actionable information delivered directly to your mobile device in real-time Real Time Datasheet
  • Centralised Database – NCR Aloha Configuration Centre – remotely access your site systems Configuration Centre Datasheet
  • Advanced Reporting/Business Intelligence- NCR Aloha Insight – helps you analyse operational data anywhere – anytime Insight Datasheet
  • Fraud Prevention Software – NCR Aloha Restaurant Guard –  helps restaurant owners and operators put a stop to theft Restaurant Guard Datasheet
  • Loyalty Reward Programmes – NCR Aloha Loyalty – deliver targeted rewards and incentives that stimulate repeat business Loyalty Datasheet
  • Gift Cards – NCR Aloha Stored Value – helps restaurateurs get close to their customers by deploying gift card programs Stored Value Datasheet
  • Customer Feedback – NCR Customer Voice – provides you with instant feedback of your customer’s experience Customer Voice Datasheet
  • Online Ordering – NCR Aloha Online Ordering – provide customers with instant access to menus and pricing Online Ordering Datasheet
  • Stock and Inventory Management – NCR Back Office –  helps restaurant managers take control of one of their biggest costs: food Inventory Datasheet
  • Time and Attendance and Labour Scheduling – NCR Back Office – provides restaurant operators to analyse labor data Labour Datasheet

 Take a look at the NCR Pulse Real Time Hosted Solutions Clip


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