The touchless self-checkout system with no barcodes and no wait. The easiest checkout which can identify anything you throw under it

Tierney’s are now a re-seller for the world’s fastest self-checkout powered by AI. Working with our partners and distributors, our sales team are on hand to arrange a demo and quote you for your Mashgin rollout.

Better Customer Experience.
Better Bottom Line.


400% Faster Checkout than Traditional POS

Drive up revenue by reducing lines. Mashgin’s powerful technology can identify multiple items in under a second so your customers can scan, pay, and be on their way.

No barcodes required – Mashgin’s Touchless Checkout System uses computer vision to recognize objects the same way your eyes do. The 9 built-in cameras and computer vision algorithms recognize objects in 3-D, easily distinguishing between product sizes without using a scale. It can instantly identify packaged goods, produce, and open plates from any angle.


Mashgin kiosks are saving clients money, increasing revenue, and improving the customer experience, you’ll find them in action everywhere!

  • Convenience Stores – Provide instant, touchless, round the clock options and convenience 24/7! Less lines, more revenue! Shorter lines means happier customers, more customers entering your store, and each car spending less time taking up a pump.
  • Cafeterias – Transactions on Mashgin are 400% faster than a traditional POS, dramatically shortening lines at peak periods. Shorter lines means greater diner participation rates, increasing revenue as much as 20%.
  • Sports Arenas – Fans never miss the action using our checkouts at the big game. Mashgin means they can grab the concessions they want without missing a beat of gameplay. Say goodbye to long lines and hello to more time enjoying the action.
  • Hospitals – As a completely touchless solution, Mashgin lets healthcare workers and diners checkout faster than ever while practicing social distancing. The only thing they touch is their own food.

Mashgin is now at Circle K

For more information about Mashgin, contact our sales team today [email protected]


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