Increase table turns and increase customer satisfaction with handheld ordering web app on any mobile device.

Tapa’s handheld Waiter ordering feature helps improve sales performance and increase staff efficiency by speeding up the ordering process. Our handheld web app allows waiting staff to take orders from customers directly at the table and send them to the kitchen without having to walk back to a separate order taker terminal at the counter.

Waiting staff can improve service by processing orders faster, reducing human error involved in writing down orders and re-entering them at a fixed EPoS terminal.

Simple For Staff To Use

With a simple to use and intuitive interface staff can quickly select a customers table, order food and drinks, customise cooking selections, review and read back the order to the customer and then send items to the relevant bar or kitchen prep printer or screen. No need to write down the order and congregate around an order taker, avoiding serving areas where human contact and spacing is reduced.

No Mistakes

With a step by step handheld ordering system, no handwriting to decipher and a clear review screen to confirm orders with customers, simple mistakes are eliminated. Fewer mistakes equal lower food costs and higher profits. Users are guided through the entire order process, from how do customers want their steak cooked, which sauce would they like to which side order. Handheld Ordering is fully functional and intuitive.

  • Increase revenue with smart upsell features like pop-up menus. Prompting employees to ask customers if they would like any extra sauces or order the wine we recommend with their main course, increases your average spend.
  • Seamless POS Integration Our handheld Waiter web app is fully integrated with Tapa POS. This means when a user sends the order from the app it goes straight to the EPoS terminal, orders are printed to the kitchen or bar without needing any server interaction. Database setup is all on the one system and stock levels can be updated and transactions recorded on the EPoS system.
  • Speed Up Service Users can take drinks orders and have them sent directly from the bar even before completing a food order, no need to wait to use a fixed order taker. Orders are sent directly to the kitchen and speed of service is optimized and guest satisfaction is increased.

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