Keep your stock in check, track stock levels and highlight shortages

When using Tapa EPoS Stock Control and Mobile App you see insights into stock that can help control your business.

  • Better management in real-time to know at any given time what your product levels are or should be.
  • Optimise stock holding with calculated recorder points and on-hand balances. Forecasted sales are always keeping stock levels optimal.
  • Streamline purchasing gives complete control over what is ordered / delivered.
  • Speed up ordering processes and order from anywhere, anytime from any device.
  • Cut down admin time by automating the matching of invoices to your accounting system with a fully integrated Xero accounts link
  • Move stock easily throughout your business, eliminating excess stockholding and avoiding over-ordering
  • Less time stocktaking using mobile devices even when there is no signal

Fully integrated purchase orders, deliveries, wastage and complete stock control

  • Reduce wastage using Tapa Stock to highlight the causes of waste that may require immediate action, allowing for theft and fraud to be easily identified.
  • Reduce losses via the flexible stock periods which allow you to stock take high value products more often. Accountability and traceability reduces variances.
  • Act Fast to discrepancies between actual and theoretical stock reports with the line by line details available.
  • Increase profits by maintaining margins as Tapa Stock will provide you with all the vital insights into exactly what’s going on in your business.
  • Built in recipes can be managed allowing for dish creation that drives business profitability
  • Seamless integration creating a complete business system to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

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