Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) is a cloud-based offering from Microsoft which combines valuable standalone solutions in a highly discounted suite, licensed on a per user base.

Enterprise Mobility + You

Enterprise Mobility Suite e3 is comprised of the following components:

  • Identity and access Management
  • Managed Mobile Productivity
  • Information Protection
  • Identity-driven security

All together this provides you with not only the ability to define who gets access to company data but also who does not.

Identity and Access Management – The main component of Identity and access management is Azure AD Premium which has the following advanced features:

  • Multi-factor Authentication –  securing of company data behind a second factor of authentication.
  • Conditional Access –  the component that ensures compliance
  • Advanced Security Reporting – component that flags user risk or reports impossible sign ins

Managed Mobile Productivity – Managed Mobile Productivity, otherwise known as Intune provides the mobile device management part of Enterprise Mobility Suite. This component allows you to provide compliance and configuration policies that are tied to devices that try to access company data. It also allows for the removal of company data on a device if the device is lost or stolen.

Information Security Information – Provides the ability to encrypt and track Microsoft documents to those that are specifically allowed access. Labels can be placed on sensitive documents that disallow copying, screen-shooting or emailing these sensitive documents that have been marked for protection. These documents can be tracked to who opened them, from where and when. Persons who have access to these documents can even be revoked from seeing them after the fact in the case of unexpected events.

Identity Driven Security – Identity-driven security provides a feature known as Microsoft advanced threat analytics. This is an on premise application that monitors Active Directory and your network to detect abnormal activity and report immediately on threats in your network.  A gateway monitor is installed on your active directory server which logs all authentication requests and creates a baseline for users. If abnormal behaviour is detected it will note and log this behaviour and notify the admins immediately. For more details on EMS, contact our Cloud team on email: [email protected]


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