Loss of critical data can cause untold damage to a company

Companies have closed down due to data loss and an unreliable backup solution. At Tierney’s, we ensure our clients have a bullet proof backup solution alongside a data recovery plan that will have your business up and running within minutes of a disaster happening.

Tierney’s Online Backup is your guaranteed solution to protect your most critical data, we ensure your data backup happens every working day, safeguarding desktops, laptops and servers, giving more complete data protection for your users on any network.

Tierney’s Disaster Site Recovery Solution will streamline the recovery of data and recovery of required systems for clients, it’s a very scalable solution which places minimal disruption on both the client and their customers/ staff members should a disaster occur.

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Microsoft Azure Recovery and the Dalata Hotel Group

Please view this Case study in conjunction with clients from the Dalata Hotel Group PLC on how we use Microsoft Azure Recovery to ensure Dalata’s business continuity and the protection of data in the event of a disaster happening.

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We offer advice on cloud storage strategies ensuring high availability, on-line backup integrity and guaranteeing quick retrieval, or simply archiving to meet regulatory requirements, the team at Tierney’s will help you choose the best storage option which is right for your business.

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