Device Encryption

Tierney's provide a complete encryption solution for mobile working and laptop security from DESlock.

Data is a critical part of every organisation, but this most valuable asset often poses a huge risk when it travels or is transmitted beyond the corporate network. The penalties for failing to protect client information mean that a data loss can mean a significant fine in addition to any exposed trade secrets and damage to your reputation. “With products like DESlock+, organisations can start to deliver an assured business from the desktop upwards…

By choosing DESlock+, you will be employing the most advanced and comprehensive encryption management system available.



DESlock+ Pro

Full Disk Encryption is a transparent, background operation requiring no user input beyond system boot-time. With no noticeable impact on system speed, data is automatically encrypted and decrypted on-the-fly with zero impact on productivity and without the need for user training.  

Removable Media Encryption. The vast majority of USB memory sticks in use are personal property, and introducing forced encryption of removable media devices is a tricky issue. DESlock+ removable media encryption works with any USB drive, CD & DVD media, is completely transparent and genuinely secure.  

Email Encryption. DESlock+ means being able to save your confidential email; not just locally or on your company mail-server but even to a web-mail account. Email has revolutionised business communication so much that it is hard to imagine how we’d cope without it. In our personal lives it has changed the way we keep in touch with each other, making the world a much smaller place.  

Centralised Management– full control of licensing and software features, security policy and encryption keys.  The Management console is web based, allowing multi-user administration across the network, and a help-desk login provides non-admin access to user-recovery features.

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